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Monday, August 13, 2007

洛杉磯 #51 : 冷暖人生

今天預計是血拼的一天,找到了個搭公車可到的 Outlet 。



背著 $16.5 Old Navy Kids 斜背包,穿著五分牛仔褲以及路邊攤廉價 T 恤,紮著馬尾又載著草帽。模樣看起來確實既邋遢又寒酸。
當我們走進了富麗堂皇的高級店舖時,五分鐘、十分鐘..... 沒人要理我們。

指著型錄上的款式,她說這款店裡沒有,必須要訂做;又叫我等等.... 。
我的問題得到了解答,思考了 30 秒,由於心情不佳,決定殺下去! 訂了!!

結果呢? 始終沒空理睬我的小姐,這時湊了過來,因為成交了! 她認為業績是屬於她的。


先前在 crocs 血拼時,也是如此。
我認為,應該取決於「究竟誰服務了? 」比較重要。

因為物品沒有現貨皆須訂做,所以等上幾天,會幫我寄過來。這下子,全校的人都知道我敗家了 @@"。

血拼完了之後,一肚子的怨氣也消了一些,就來去品嚐一下 Caroline 推薦的必吃美食。
這是一家自助式燒烤店,生菜、麵、飯還有 BBQ 一應俱全。全部選完後,用秤的,每種計價方式不一樣 (生菜 / 生菜+肉 / 肉)。

生意好的沒話說,價錢稱不上「非常」便宜,這盤要價 $7.04 。好吃捏!

(*LA TIME: 8/12 10:20PM)


花樣精 said...

Dear Na:
I check the Chinese new paper yesterday, and just want to let you know, the deal is good to take if the travel agency charge $70 or $75 for the Disneyland with pick you and Shirley don’t need to worry how to get there….


花樣精 said...

And, may be you and Shirley and plain your trip after September 3rd, cause most of student back to school at September 5th, hotel will be bit less $ than before 9/4, and Disneyland will not so crowd, (crowd = long, long, long line on all the ride), also, will not so traffic if plan to Vegas…

Don’t know when you plain for the Vegas? And, did they depart at evening or morning?
Depart on Wednesday, or Saturday?
Here is my suggestion,
1. Ask the travel agency if they can pick you up when you spend the $$
2. You and Shirley get up early and get to the place to wait for the tour bus, than take nap on the bus, cause is long ride! If driver drive fast still needs 4 hours, other wise, normally is 5 hours…and there isn’t much view on the way, cause is desert….the best thing you can do on the bus is sleep….
3. I can give you and Shirley a ride from the little Tokyo to Monterey Park at evening… free, let me know if you need ride!

拿鐵娜緹 said...

Hi, Susan, Thanks for your informations. Our classmate took #460 to Disney Land. He said the bus was on time! That's a good news!
We plan to go to Disney Land on 8/25 and LV on 9/8. We don't have enough time because we will back to Taiwan on 9/18.
And we might stay 1 night and go to the other amusement park, ex: snoopy? But I don't the free shuttle that hotel have or not?

Thank you ^^

花樣精 said...

"But I don't the free shuttle that hotel have or not?"

do you mean
you don't know if the Disneyland have the shuttle to the hotel that you book?

you can call to the hotel that you book and ask...

or you are asking if there is shuttle from the hotel that you book to the other park.... same, just call and ask....


拿鐵娜緹 said...


Sorry for my error typing.
We plan 1 day to go to Disney Land and 1 day go to SNOOPY LAND. But we don't know if the hotel provide the free shuttle to SNOOPY LAND or not?
I will ask before booking.

Thank you again ^^

花樣精 said...

Do you mean “Nott’s berry farm?”
I guess not.... because Nott's is not as famous as Disneyland...

And, you can say, sorry for the typo,  people will know that’s a mistake from typing …

Have fun!


拿鐵娜緹 said...


Yes, I meant "Nott’s berry farm". Isn't it popular? My friend wants to buy something special for her younger sister. We thought that is good. ha~

Today is really a hot day. I don't like it. And you?

花樣精 said...

Me either! Don’t like hot day~ but seems this week will be hot, hot, hot!

拿鐵娜緹 said...

Dear Susan,
The teacher said, Sep is the hottest month. Oh~ my god.......

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