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Thursday, August 16, 2007

洛杉磯 #53 : Terrible wireless in OSULA

昨晚早早寫完了作文。但,被無線網路搞的快氣死了! 愈想愈氣的情況下,我又寫了一篇日記,來發洩 OSULA 爛網路。

這幾天已經惡劣到無法忍受的地步。但是抱怨又如何? 情況依然沒有改善啊!

今天去問 Caroline 關於無線網路的事情。

OSUAL 的住宿生們,對於網路的評價只有一個「爛」字。
月繳 $20 ,實際享受的服務比 56K 還不如。

I have got to complain about the terrible wireless because I can't endure it anymore.

After class, I usually use the computer to contact my family and friends. But I always fail.

I paid $20 per month but I didn't get the same quality. I had to use "UPDATE" button more than 50 times and it always failed. The speed limit showed "54Mbps" and I thougth it was only "56K".

I argued and complained to someone whose job is to take care of the wireless. He said he will solve the problems and he really did. I was very happy but after 1-2 days, everything was the same as before.

I felt very angry.
In America, the basic service is to solve the customers' problems. I thought my school should solved my problem, too.
I paid $20 per "MONTH". In fact, I connected just 1 hour or less. Why do I have to pay?

Yesterday, a student complained about the wireless to Lisa. She said: We will buy new installations as soon as possible. Nobody trusts her. We endured enough. If they wanted to solve it, they would have.

The wireless and service in OSULA are very terrible.

(*LA TIME: 8/15 4:50PM)

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